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The purpose of the examination board
The board has developed this course for well-educated graduates, those with low educational qualifications, semi-educated and all those who are interested in vocational courses along with education.
To set up small businesses for skilled, unskilled, poor and budding students, to motivate them for self-employment, as well as to create opportunities for self-employment, to create a passion for business education for employment and self-employment and to create courses for living a self-reliant life. To motivate, provide information about employment, provide guidance for self-employment, finance for self-employment, provide information about new fields, provide information on technical courses to students in rural areas and strive for employment, self-employment and sustainable future.

Functions of the ITIMH-COUNCIL of Examiners

  • Approval of the course decided by the board on the basis of interested institutions and proprietors.
  • Examination of the syllabus decided by the Board of Examiners.
  • Determining the books / notes required for the course, making a list of equipment and materials.
  • Determining the minimum qualifications and experience of teachers to teach the course.
  • Curriculum development, revision, implementation.
  • To make all the necessary arrangements for the examination.
  • To provide certificate of examination board to the successful students by announcing the examination results.
The purpose of the ITBTE-COUNCIL

In order to create excellent technical curriculum and to create employed and self-employed students from various dutiful executive bodies, the Board has set up corporations, developed cities, Talukas, municipalities, small villages, Gram-panchayats all over India. Recognition, affiliation is given on the basis of zero policy.

Courses Duration
Certificate Courses 6 Months
Diploma In Engineering 1 Year
Management Courses 1 or 2 Year
Hotel management 1 or 2 year
Paramedical Courses 6 Months, 1 Year and 2 year
General Courses 6 Months, 1 year and 2 year

Approval fee, renewal fee, examination fee, syllabus, notes fee etc. is charged by the institute operator on the basis of zero policy for affiliation as per the given chart or syllabus. Only the curriculum will remain in control.